Death of a Vacuum” is a short, dark comedy about a young woman who comes home to find that her parents are working on a fun new project together – a divorce.


Margot just escaped her apartment and the roommates from hell. While she searches for a new apartment, she comes home to her parents, who also turn out to be the roommates from hell. Good intentions misfire as family members become strangers in their search for new apartments and new lives.

Directed and Produced by Simone Kisiel

Written by and Starring Adriana Jones

Adriana Jones – Margot

Julia Beach – Ellen

Terrence Montgomery – Nigel

Charnele Crick – Eve

Director of Photography Katie Voss

Sound Mixing by Clint Myers

Assistant Camera Jake Letizia

Hair and MU by Shannon Rae Mulligan

Book Cover Design by Zarif Taufiq

Edited by Simone Kisiel