October 2017

No Peeking Cindy” and “A Slaying Song Tonight,” directed/produced by Simone Kisiel and written by Alexandra Grunberg, were both Official Selections at the Fake Flesh Film Fest 2017!


September 2017

Death of a Vacuum” was accepted as an Official Selection by the Iron Mule Film Festival! It will screen on in December at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn.


August 2017

Death of a Vacuum” screened for the second round of the Katra Film Series after winning the Audience Choice Award in the first round!


July 2017

Death of a Vacuum” won the Audience Choice award at IndieWorks Summer 2017 hosted by CongestedCat Productions!

Death of a Vacuum” has been accepted by IndieWorks, a festival series based in NYC! The screening takes place in Long Island City on July 18th!

Magic Dog Productions director Simone Kisiel has been awarded a grant from The Puffin Foundation, Ltd. for “BUGS: A Trilogy,” a project that Puffin deemed, “socially relevant and that will encourage public participation and co-sponsorship of the arts that will advance social change!” Funding for “BUGS: A Trilogy” funding has been made possible in part by the Puffin Foundation.


June 2017

Magic Dog director/producer Simone Kisiel was nominated for Outstanding Female Filmmaker by the Stormy Weather Horror Fest for “HOUSED The Feature.”

On June 24th “Death of a Vacuum,” a short film produced, directed and edited by Simone Kisiel, and written by and starring Adriana Jones, screened at the Katra Film Series and won the Audience Choice award!

On June 10th Magic Dog micro short, “No Peeking Cindy,” screened at the Portland Horror Film Festival and was selected as the runner up in the Best Bumper category!

In 2014 Simone Kisiel began work on HOUSED with creators Alexandra Grunberg and Leah Henley. In 2016 the award winning webseries died, and in true horror fashion it rose again at double the original length as a feature film! Magic Dog Productions is thrilled to announce that “HOUSED The Feature” has been accepted by the Stormy Weather Horror Fest!!

HOUSED The Feature” has also been awarded a bronze medal by the Spotlight Horror Film Festival!


May 2017

The latest short from Magic Dog Productions, a dark comedy called Death of a Vacuum, has been accepted by the Katra Film Series 2017! Tickets for this event can be found here.

Magic Dog Productions is thrilled to announce that our micro short “No Peeking Cindy” has been accepted by the Portland Horror Film Festival 2017! Directed and Edited by Simone Kisiel and Voice Over and Writing by Alexandra Grunberg.


Magic Dog Presents the new HOUSED Feature Film Trailer! HOUSED is currently making festival rounds.


March 2017

Magic Dog Productions is proud to present the official poster for Death of a Vacuum, a new short comedy about a young woman who comes home to find that her parents are working on a fun new project together – a divorce!


February 2017

Death of a Vacuum and HOUSED The Feature have been completed and are now making festival rounds!


January 2017

Magic Dog is in post-production on three films: Death of a Vacuum (a short family comedy), HOUSED The Feature (a horror/comedy adaptation of the award winning webseries), and BUGS: A Trilogy (a female-centric horror feature).


August 2016

Magic Dog Productions presents a series of videos hosted on The Odyssey Online platform about science and pop culture!

Road Rage + Trolls Still

Presidential Candidates Still

Friends + Family Still


July 2016

Magic Dog Productions teamed up with Apperception Productions to produce a short comedic film called, Margot Comes Home. Directed and edited by Simone Kisiel, written by and starring Adriana Jones.

Margot Footage for Katieedited1

Margot Still


June 2016

HOUSED, a horror/comedy webseries directed by Simone Kisiel and co-created/written by Magic Dog writer Alexandra Grunberg was an Official Selection at Balticon 2016!

Balticon Announcement Final


March 2016

Fashion Nightmare, a psychological thriller/comedy directed and edited by Simone Kisiel is an Official Selection at the Manhattan Film Festival 2016!

Fashion Nightmare Announcement2


January 2016

Director Simone Kisiel and writer/star Alexandra Grunberg wrapped production on part two of The Bugs Trilogy!



December 2015

The Magic Dog Team and Producer Simone Kisiel began pre-production on ‘Bed Bugs,’ part two of ‘BUGS: A Trilogy.’


Happy Holidays from Magic Dog Productions!

Three more Magic Dog Holiday Shorts: Family Night, No Peeking Cindy and Slaying Song Tonight.


November 2015

fully funded cropped

Director Simone Kisiel, writer Alexandra Grunberg and their feature film, BUGS: A Trilogy is being featured in indieWIRE through Women and Hollywood!

A piece written by director Simone Kisiel about being a female filmmaker in horror was published by the Thought Catalog!


October 2015

Magic Dog Productions launched a crowd funding campaign for their new feature Bugs: A Trilogy directed by Simone Kisiel and written by Alexandra Grunberg. It’s a new female driven horror film about helplessness, paranoia, and the bugs who inspire us to scream.



HOUSED, a horror/comedy webseries directed by Simone Kisiel and co-created/written by Alexandra Grunberg won Best Sit-Com of 200 Official Selections and 9 Nominees in the category at the Miami Web Fest 2015!



September 2015

The Bugs Trilogy has been featured by Popcorn Horror on their Indie Horror page.

Popcorn horror screen shot cropped


August 2015

HOUSED, a horror/comedy webseries directed by Simone Kisiel and co-created/written by Alexandra Grunberg, is an official selection at the Miami Web Fest 2015 and is nominated for both Best Mockumentary and Best Sit-Com.


July 2015

Magic Dog Productions released the first teaser for Parasite, Part One of The Bugs Trilogy.


June 2015

Quietus, a psychological thriller short directed and edited by Simone, won Best Short Film at the Manhattan Film Festival 2015.


May 2015

Founder of Magic Dog Productions, Simone Kisiel, directed and edited Quietus, a short film that was accepted by the Manhattan Film Festival 2015 and will screen June 24th at The Players Theater NYC.


Magic Dog Productions introduced their Magic Dog with this short video.